Sunday, 26 May 2013

Toothy Tutorial - a freebie!

So, picture this, your small has a very wobbly tooth, of course you immediately think, 'I'll go order a Tooth Fairy Friend from Heartfelt Handmade',visit my facebook page/online shop and ... EEEEEEEEEEEEK, order book closed? 
No ready made's available in shop? 
What now? 

Well, there's always the 'put it in a little box/envelope/tissue and place under pillow method' OR there's the 'I'll make one myself' method. 
Guess which one this is ?!

Yes, this is a little tutorial that's been whirring around in my shell-like since the birth of the tooth fairy friend.(If you've ever seen my flickr gallery you will know how long that actually is!).

It's very simple, right click on the template below and save to your documents, print it off, I find the best size is approximately half the page of landscape positioned A4 paper, but you can make them any size you like, big or small, as long as the pocket eye is big enough for the Tooth Fairy's £1 coin, or rolled up dollar etc., that's generally the going rate isn't it??

You will need
  • a sheet of felt and some scraps in the colours of your choice 
  • a piece of ribbon, approximately 23 cm's / 9 inches in length. I used a 15 mm wide ribbon.
  • needle and thread for sewing
  • pins
  • scissors
  • 2 x buttons
  • stuffing - I used super soft polyester craft filler
  • template
  • instructions


1. Cut out the templates and pin them to your felt pieces, remembering to cut out 2 pieces of the main template for the front and back of your Toothy Friend.
2. Do the same for the pocket eye, you only need one.
3. Ditto for the mouth.
4. Sew on your chosen button eyes, they don't need to match. Sew the first one onto the middle of the felt eye pocket and the second onto the front piece of your Toothy Friend. Pin the pocket and mouth onto the front of your Toothy Friend and sew them on. I like to sew by hand and I chose a simple back stitch, but you can do running stitch if you like, or use a sewing machine, the choice is yours.
5. Place the ribbon between your two Toothy felt pieces as shown. This will make your Toothy Friend easy to hang up.
6. Pin it all together in preparation for the stitching bit.
7. I used blanket stitch to sew this Toothy together, but whichever stitch, hand or machine method you use, I find this the best place to start as it allows space for stuffing later.
8/9. Sew most of the way around leaving a gap as shown.
10. Time for the stuffing. I use small pieces of stuffing at a time and, to help push the filling into all the corners, I use the blunt end of a bamboo skewer to push it in. You could also use an unsharpened pencil or your finger, whatever works! Just try not to be too forceful or to use too sharp a poker, you don't want to make holes in your lovely Toothy!
11. Once happy with the stuffedness, sew up the gap, securing the thread with a few knots, trimming the ends carefully or pushing the ends back into the Toothy, I like this method best as it's much neater.
 There you have it!!

1. If you have smalls of the boy AND girl kind, why not make a double sided version, with pockets on both sides, one side being your boy's favourite colour and the other side your girl's chosen hue. Then everyone is happy.
2. I usually wrap the little tooth in a square of tissue before placing in the pocket, it makes it easier for the Tooth Fairy to fish it out.

So, I hope you find this simple project useful. All I politely ask is that you only use it for personal use and not for re-sale.
Thank you and enjoy, I would love to see any of your own Toothy versions, just email me your pics (info[at] and I shall post them on my facebook and twitter pages. 

Have a super weekend!
Love from

Monday, 13 May 2013

Wedding Part 1

Weddings.....most of us love a wedding don't we?
Well, I certainly do and at the start of the year I was asked if I'd be happy to make some favours and decorations for the forthcoming wedding of the lovely Jeremy & Meredith. 
I was pretty darn excited, my first wedding and with a pink and green colour palette and lots of lovely different fabrics, I couldn't wait to get started. 
I wasn't going to let the fact that I'd never made a cushion, let alone a ring cushion, before, nor had I ever made 'proper' bunting, you know, the double sided kind, with handmade bias binding, on a sewing machine, get in my way, no siree!

First off, the favours, tied onto the napkins for each setting, along with a hand stamped name tag, with pretty 'happily ever after' ribbon from, 61 of these were made, all cut by hand, all stuffed by hand, all stitched by hand, 
a labour of love and I LOVE the colours...

The personalised ribbons used on each horseshoe, were made by myself of course, using my good old pc, printer, and some iron on fabric transfer paper...easy.

Now for the bunting, I didn't know I'd find it so satisfying making bunting! It could be a new addiction.
Hot iron, sewing machine, long pokey thing to turn out the pointy ends of each flag (I used the blunt end of a bamboo skewer), choosing the fabric order.... 
I'm rock'n'roll all the way me!

Two sets of bunting were made, the first set with the groom and bride-to-be's names on it and the second with 'Just Married'. It's hard to photograph bunting at home but here goes...

For the ring cushion I kept it simple, using some of the bunting fabrics, I made an easy envelope fold cushion cover, adding the the ribbons for the rings and some personalisation too. I even made the cushion pad, go me!

I can't wait to see all the photos of the bunting and favours from the day, I'm hoping to show you some in a future Wedding Part 2 blog post soon!
This leaves me to just wish the happy couple a wonderful married life together, I already know they had an amazing wedding day as I've seen some pics of the fun, I might be able to sneak in a pic of them to show you too!

love from 
x x x