Thursday, 3 January 2013

New beginnings..

It's the start of a new year, lots of late night sketching occurred last night, 
into the early hours, I just couldn't sleep for ideas! 

New Year's Resolutions? Well, I'm not even going to pretend to be a better blogger in 2013, as you know, I tend to get waylaid by stitching. You know what I'm like. 

So, where's the crazy Christmas season gone? 
To keep you updated on what I've been up to since November, these pics should give you some idea!

It's been mad, there's no denying it, I took on way too many Christmas orders, shoe horned in my eldest's 9th birthday party (more on that later) and squeezed in a couple of celebrations for a rather significant birthday of my own, can't believe I'm 40!!!!

I will need a new strategy for the 2013 silly season as I just cannot keep up with everything at this rate, my hands gave in to repetitive strain injury in early December, (they are still a bit stiff), and I worked through the night on too many occasions to mention in order to get all the orders out.

 But, a massive THANKS goes out to everyone for their wonderful support of Heartfelt Handmade, without you I would not be able to call this crafty life my full-time job.

So, here is a round up of my Christmas makes, some items didn't make it to the montage, the light was mostly pants for taking pics, a lot of items I can't even remember making, I must have been a coffee/chocolate fueled making machine!
For close up shots take a look through my flickr photo gallery.

 By the way, I'm taking orders for Christmas 2013 NOW! Tee hee.

Happy 2013 to you all, 
may it bring you lots of love and laughter.



Traceyr said...

Happy New Year to you and thank you for the fawns you made for my neices they were a real hit and much appreciated.

wow what a lot of stitching you've done. Hope the hands ease up soon.


Sue said...

I ADORE your work and never tire of looking at it! Happy New Year!

The Sewing Boutique said...

That is a lot of very cute gingerbread men!!

Hope you manage to rest a bit (but not too much) now its the new year!

Rhi @ The Sewing Boutique