Monday, 10 September 2012

Lovely Luna

As promised yesterday, here is Luna, the Pom Pom Unicorn. 
Not entirely new, but really a variation on my 
Pom Pom Pony Decoration. 
This one is off to her new home today.

The Pom Pom Pony decorations have become a surprise top seller of late and I have become addicted to pom pom trims, I try to sneak them into most of my new makes wherever possible! Find them here on facebook.

I must get back to my stitching. Hope you all have a great week, I started mine off with my 8 weekly trip to Hobbycraft. I normally go there to get ribbons, buttons, a bit of felt and threads. Today I bought so many items that I managed to crash 2 of their tills, oops. They ended up splitting my order in 2 and putting them through on separate tills! It makes it sound like I spent a fortune doesn't it, but it really wasn't much more than £50. 
I then went off to my local art and craft shop to pick up some wool felt and other bits. From here on I will order my supplies mostly online as and when I need them. It would probably be more cost effective to buy everything in bulk, but I use so many different things I'd have nowhere to store it all, this works best for me at the moment.  
How does everyone else go about buying their supplies? 

Anyway, must sew, sew, sew. See you all soon.



Traceyr said...

Luna is lovely but I was thinking you were going to make a smiley moon! What a wally I am. haha.

As to buying craft supplies it has to be all on line as unfortunately I have no local craft shops.


Twinkle Star said...

Luna is lovely - I adore her sparkly horn!

Estelle xx

Naomi Welch said...

Hi Marie! I have a Teeny Tiny Studio, so space is also at a premium, I know the feeling. I'd love to buy in bulk too - especially when I see something that may go out of stock, but I'm also not very good at making up my mind, so i often end up buying one in each colour! Your till experience sounds familiar! Lovely blog and beautiful hand made things. xx Naomi (from Redeem Creations)

mail4rosey said...

You said Luna was coming, and here it is, and it's just adorable!

Fats Arteira said...

Seu blog e seus trabalhos são um encanto!


Cazkiwi said...

Ermghad! These are adorabubble!

Sarah Roberts said...

Wowza! I love all things handmade and your projects are amazing. Thanks for sharing!
Sarah x