Wednesday, 25 July 2012

5 months until....


Oops, there, I said it, sorry about that, but in the land of handmade, Christmas does come mighty early ;)

I am taking orders for these...
Christmas Pony Decorations

and these...
Christmas Rudolph and Gingie Decorations

oh, and this too...
Christmas Fawn Decoration.

But me being me, I like a bit of personalisation...don't say you hadn't noticed. 
So, name tags can be made for them too, something like this...

or, maybe this...


or possibly some of this too...

If you fancy ordering any of these Christmas creations, each one is handmade to order, stitching commences in approx. 3 weeks, after a couple of weeks sizzling in the Italian sun. Orders will begin to go out in September. Prices and sizes and how to order and pay can be found by clicking here for my facebook page. I will probably stop taking orders for these at the beginning of November.

Right, I'm off to finish some lovely orders before we jet off on Sunday. Hope you are enjoying the sun, well it's sunny here anyway, can't quite believe it myself.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Head count

So, I'm just back from the school drop off. Isn't the house wonderfully peaceful after the manic/shouty/wears my socks kind of morning it always turns out to be.

It made me smile to do a head count of little girls wearing Heartfelt Handmade hair clips in the playground today! The count this morning was 3, not bad considering I haven't actually made many new hair clips for the school fairs for a while. You may recognise the montage above from 'back in the day'. (Ha ha, I had to add that expression as I spent a gorgeous weekend away in Windsor for a hen do. The young bride-to-be is a mere 22 so when I overheard an old school friend of hers using that expression I did have to smile. A 22 year old's 'back in the day' is very different to a nearly 40 year old's 'back in the day'!). 

Anyway, where was I? Yes, so it's good to see some of my clips have survived and are still alive and well! 

Windsor Castle and Afternoon Tea at The Crooked House

Have a great week everyone, what are you up to?
I shall be mostly making name garlands, birthday banners, hanging letters, hair clip holders, ponies and flamingos. 
Yikes I'd better get on.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'm baaaaaack!

Well, what can I say, it's been a while, hopefully some of you are still around and haven't quite given up on me yet. 
I've got news.....BIG news. I'm back for good because... 
I've only gone and quit the day job. 

This means its Heartfelt all the way and quite possibly a weekly blog post, a smattering more of tweets, endless pinning on pinterest and much more action on facebook too (if fb deems my posts important enough to show in your news feed that is).

It's such a fab feeling to be back, I only started the day job 17 months ago but it slowed down Heartfelt enough for me to feel that the crafty world was passing me by and left me with rather embarrassing turn around times on orders, 
thank gawd you lot are so darn patient.

The very clever and super lovely Angie from Artwork by Angie has designed my re-branding and my Etsy and Folksy shops will soon have items in them again, once I've caught up on my existing orders this week of course. I think my most up-to-date site is my flickr gallery, that's been chugging along nicely.

So who wants to see some latest makes? 
Well, here they come anyway 
****Warning - visual overload****

 Hair Clip Holders - cuppie cakes - hedgehogs - fawns - birdies

Name garlands 

 Birthday bunting

Name hangers

Pom pom pony decorations

 Tooth Fairy Friends

Birthday Party bag favours


I squeezed in some birthday decorations too for a dear friend's lovely mummy celebrating a milestone birthday. Here we have the birthday girl's age on a stick, pretty cake flag bunting and a big birthday badge too!

  and my latest whim... a Pom pom flamingo decoration...

That's just a taster of what's been occurring whilst I've not been blogging. I'm off now to make some a busy week of orders - and I don't even have to leave the house - yippee - until my mini felties need picking up from school of course. 
Have a lovely week everyone!