Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Time for an update

 Heart Name Banner - Isabella

I've been buried under felt again, just popping up to say hello :o) and show you some recent makes before diving back under. 
Pink and Green is always a popular gorgeous girlie colour combo, I run out of these colours ALL the time, it doesn't seem to matter how much felt, ribbon, thread and buttons I collect, I'm always running low - you'd think I'd learn and just buy more wouldn't you?.

Butterfly Hairclip Holder

Padded Name Garland - Elena

Bright Juicy Fruit Star Banner - Layla

And then sometimes an order surprises me and shouts HELLO, GET A LOAD OF MY FRUITINESS. Just like this custom made banner, in bright, pinks, orange, yellow and purple for summery.

Other news....Hedgehogs are in...
Hedgehogs like this Double Ribbon Hair Bow Holder in brown and shades of pink. 

As well as some pink birdies too, what's a girl to do when you have sooooooo many hair clips? Get 2 Hair Clip Holders of course, simple. I keep 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs in my home....with 2 girlies in the house it's absolutely necessary! 

My Birdie Necklace Pendants have reappeared too, not seen since May 2010!
These are for a Birthday Party...
such sweet colours.

Other makes include these Heart Names for sisters...
 and a boyish Star Name Banner too.

Phew.....sorry about all that me me me stuff. 
How about something else? Like showing you some recent purchases... well....

Firstly, I couldn't resist this lovely Lemon Orla Purse from local Textile Artist Thirtyfive Flowers

Some more lovely magnets from The Green Daisy

I bought these 'tache ones a while back and they are so well made and super strong, I love them.

My recent shopping spree didn't stop there either, it's no wonder I never have any pennies left!

This wonderful chicken, we call her Elsie, is from Holly-Blues & Quirky-Birds
I couldn't resist her.

I have a few other yummy things too but I'll show you those when they arrive. They are for my girls as they are soon to be going into their own bedrooms, they argue way too much to share a room for too much longer! 
Anyway, they are getting a few new cute things to personalise their new spaces. I'll post pics if I ever actually get round to redecorating their rooms any time soon :o)

Right, I'm off now, the girls are in bed, Mr is out this evening and I am going to cosy up in front of the tv and stitch away - hedgehogs, bunnies and a cupcake tonight! 

Have a lovely evening all.


The Sewing Boutique said...

Love the pinks and greens in the first banner, such a striking colour combination.

And I dont think I'd have been able to resist the chicken either!

Rhi x

Traceyr said...

You have been busy with the stitching and also the spending hahaha - well why not it is good for you! haha.

I love the mint and pink combination very "cool". :)

Twinkle Star said...

You have been busy! I am in love with your hedgehog - just the cutest thing! Have a fab weekend x

HeartfeltHandmade said...

Thank you ladies, you are all sooo sweet to comment all the time, sending you all cyber hugs and kisses :oD xx

pippa moore said...

i love your site its so bright and colourful definately my kinda thing xxpippa