Thursday, 5 January 2012

yellow and grey

It's been a while, but lets not go there, I seem to always start my (non existent) posts these days apologising for not posting for eons and yada yada yada, lets just skip that bit and get straight to the makey stuff shall we?

Well I start this new year off with my favourite colour combination of the moment, yellow and grey, although I must admit I do remember the last time this colour combo was popular back in the '80's and the wonderful 'Casual' period, (youth sub-culture to those not in the know!). May I just confirm that I was never a 'Casual'. Anyway, moving swiftly on, when I was requested to make an Owl Name Hanger in these shades I had to say yes, yes, YES.

I always enjoy making these little fellas and fellarettes, hopefully baby Cormac will be pleased with his, just as his big brother Cashel is with his green and blue version.

Now, just time to squeeze in a wee.... all.


Twinkle Star said...

These are fab, I bet baby Cormac will love it! I really love yellow and grey together too x

Lucy, Vanilla Frost said...

Love these! Welcome back, we have missed you.

Traceyr said...

I've never seen this colour combo (and I was old enough to remember the 1980s haha) but I love it.