Saturday, 21 January 2012

Show me a sign

Today I've had a mostly crafty day, my eldest joined me at the kitchen table this morning to make her own creation (an apple hairclip), my youngest has been happy playing with a huge tin full of coins most of the day, don't ask, and OH has been food shopping and generally staying out of the way of the creative flow, can't blame him really!

I decided to make this sign for ME, just me, I never make anything for me these days and I'm addicted to these colours at the moment so I made it! 
But I couldn't stop there....

I decided to make one for a friend of my youngest, who shall be having her 6th birthday party tomorrow. I've got out of the habit of making the girls' friends birthday pressies recently, mostly due to the fact that they ALL have hair clip holders, tooth fairy pillows, hair clips, key rings, name banners and anything else I have made in the past too. Poor parents of Berkhamsted, you must all have a Heartfelt make in your homes!!
Anyway, I thought, this is new, no-one has one of these.....YET! 

But I couldn't stop there either, so I made this version too for some friends and their new baby girl. I now have a list of words that I need to make, but the girls have started to get bored and are squabbling and my brain is starting to ache from the screeching so I'd better stop there for now and do some proper parenting.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Have you been doing any making today?


Twinkle Star said...

Really lovely signs - I adore the 'Make' one, the colours are fab! x

NumbSinner said...

What do you use to cut the scalloped edges? or if that's giving away your secrets you don't need to reply lol

mrsSketchley said...

Love your new word signs :) and yes, I'm also wondering how you make the edges scalloped? And your felt letters are cut immaculately, you're a very skilled felt cutter I must say!

Nicky x