Monday, 25 July 2011

We're all going on a Summer Holiday....

I've been out of the bloggersphere for such a long time I can't actually remember everything that's happened since my last posting. 
I've still been stitching, although on a much smaller scale, 
as family life and the day job have taken priority. 
However, I have some time off now which gives me a small window to try and catch up. Hooray!

Today is the first day of school holidays, we have already cut out huge initials and decorated them with scrap fabrics, made new crayons from old broken up bits and I think next on the agenda is biscuit baking....all being documented and shared by my daughter on her new online diary for our family and friends. To say my blogging, creating and crafting world has influenced and inspired Maddie is an understatement. For as long as I can remember she has talked about being an artist or designer when she's older.....
she's not yet 8!
we saw this crafty letter idea here 

So, the title of my posting? Well, we shall be going on a short break by the seaside soon and we will be staying in a caravan! The park is right on the beach and it's quiet and peaceful (I'm hoping). I still have lovely childhood memories of caravan holidays and I hope my girls will have fun, staying for the first time ever in a caravan.
The photo of the caravan at the start of my posting is one I customized recently for some friends, it was their 10th Wedding Anniversary, so I made a few crafty decorations, this shabby chic caravan makeover being one of them and placed at the top of a tiered cake-stand, surrounded by some homemade cupcakes...

(sorry about the rubbish photo quality)

Finally, my love of Pinterest has grown and grown, you can find my boards here

Right, I'm off to bake and sew. Hopefully see you again soon!