Tuesday, 25 January 2011

shopping fun

Now, I don't do much shopping, not for the lack of wanting to, it's just that my pennies normally get spent on my little girls, craft supplies or general boring stuff, so recently I had a tiny wee splurge and these are the goodies I couldn't resist. The gorgeous green gloves (above) were a Birthday pressie for the talented Nevie-Pie Cakes who celebrated a rather significant little birthday last week, I really actually wanted to keep them for myself, always the sign of a good pressie I think, something you don't want to give away! 
I love these other ones too, all from A little birdie told moi on Etsy, I may have to treat myself very soon. 

I've also had my eye on these cute magnets, from The Green Daisy, with my love of the 'tache how could I resist, these are a pressie to myself and will adorn my magnetic board in the kitchen where they will never fail to raise a smile whenever I look at them :{D

 With our wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day looming I also ordered two cute cards from Storey Shop, I think I'll frame them too and place them on either side of our bed!. The first one is self explanatory from me to Mr...

the second is a bit of a little joke, and although Mr should be the one purchasing this for me, I had to get it on his behalf and will take great pleasure in framing it in an ironic kind of way, as I'm not really sure I am loved more than WoW!!! Are there any other WoW widdows out there? You may very well understand my plight then :o)

I couldn't resist a few supplies too, I love the JosyRose site and ordered some sparkling fabric in red and gold to make some Valentine's Day hearts and, dare I say it, some Royal Crowns, possibly for a future Royal Wedding themed post, got to get into the spirit of things! On a final note, if you keep seeing a different background here on my blog, don't worry, you are not going mad, it's just me being incredibly indecisive, although I'm liking this green bunting one, at the moment anyway.


Louise said...

Love the valentines cards! I'm not a WOW widow, but my man is big on similar games and well, I;m just a widow to computers in general I think - he would definitley choose the internet and games over me!!

That's a very good idea though - he's not good at card buying for any occasion so perhaps I should just buy one for him to send, hehe!

By the way, I love the little flag cupcake toppers mentioned in a recent post - a fab, simple idea and something even I could manage!!


Jades Craft Crafts said...

I love the cards you have ordered, they are really different!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow! Those gloves are amazing! What wonderful designers there are out there!!

Natasha said...

Thankyou for my lovely gloves, I was very pleased to receive them!

Melly said...

Love the Love you more than WoW lol I may buy that fpr my husband, as he's the WoW Widdow in our house! ;) xx