Friday, 21 May 2010

is it here?

Is what here I hear you ask? Well, dare I say it without jinxing it? 
I'll say it quietly........summer!
It's been walk to school week and we had a school assignment to take a pic of our favourite view on the walk to school. We live on top of a hill and have a beautiful view of the other side of the valley. To the left are rolling hills, I promise!!
 Anyway, starting off the day with sunshine is pretty good, maybe the experts are right and we will be having a mini-heatwave. I shall be dipping my toes in the paddling pool then!

Meanwhile back in the world of felt, a couple of name banners were polished off and are now with their rightful owners, 

A bright yellow 'Patrick' for a little boy and his giraffe themed bedroom, and
a heart and star 'Madeleine', a present from a God Mother for a christening this weekend.

I've been working on some fabric flowers too......
these ones can be worn as a brooch, attach them to your bag to give it a summer makeover or put a flower in your hair as they all have a hair clip and a brooch back sewn onto the reverse....
Other news this week is I've been ummming and ahhhing about which labels I should get next for sewing onto my wee creations. Well, I finally ordered some from etsy seller Remember Wynn (great name!) and they will look like this...
I can't wait to start sewing them onto my next batch of felty makes. I absolutely adore the wooden buttons she makes too, I think I will have to order some of them too.

Last, but not least, I hosted a Stealing Candy Home Party, look at all this eye candy! Lots of lovely friends came along after school drop off and had tea and cake and frothy coffees (my coffee machine is my baby) with a touch of shopping too, what more could you want on a Wed morning? (Husbands please look away, the life of a SAHM is not ALL about coffee mornings and chitter chatter.)
As a host I got this gorgeous Eva Beaker from nkuku plus I got to spend 10% worth of the morning's shopping total on goodies for myself.....yippee. Thank you everyone who came and thanks to Jo from Stealing Candy for bringing all her wares to my front room, I was sad to see it all go.

So, it's been a lovely week and I'm looking forward to spending some time stitching in the garden this weekend. More banners are on their way, cupcake style, hearts and stars and quite a few more, I'd better stop gassing and get on with it. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

What a gorgeous blog! I especially love your felt creations, in particular the tooth fairy pillows. How cute!

Traceyr said...

I don't think you can shout about the summer starting just yet but fingers crossed it won't be too long in coming.

What a lot of loveliness you had in your front room and well done too on those gorgeous flowers and banners. I feel inspired. :)

JuicyFig said...

I am glad your parcel arived safely!

I love those roses, what gorgeous fabric!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hi, Just a quickie to tell you some fab news! You won a giveaway from my blog ~ ~ Please could you email me your address! Annie xx

Colourart said...

I love the bit about SAHM, and being a bit of a Giraffe fan love the commissioned name. I have popped back to your blog, which I do regularly :), to award you a Sunshine Award. If you would like to find out how to take part it’s all on my blog - all the best. Amanda