Wednesday, 14 April 2010

how did that happen?

I can't quite believe the date today, we are nearing the end of the holidays and I'm trying to think what I've been doing all this time, certainly not blogging I'm afraid. I've had a bit of a blog break it seems, although not intentional. We have been to the seaside though, consumed some yummy ice creams, been to the movies, been to a show, played in the garden, played in other peoples gardens and popped out to the coffee shop (where the girls ate far too many marshmallows and wafer biscuits - this was very evident from the small pile of  'upchuck' that was deposited at the top of the stairs in the supermarket next door to said coffee shop by my youngest soon after - oops, very very sorry).

Of course I have managed to do a spot of swapping and creating too ......
The 'I love my Kitchen' swap on swap-bot brought me some pretty pink goodies, 
I especially love the jelly moulds! Thank you Zoe :o)

I took ages deciding on what to send to my partner, Jessica, a kawaii-loving, organic living lady with a 'hints of pink' kitchen. I must admit, after reading her likes and dislikes I immediately went into kawaii research mode to swot up on san-x and sanrio......I feel a future obsession forming......and this is what I finally sent...
Some fab kawaii-style cutters from Etsy seller the Little Teeth Shop, some cute tubs from *rice*, a Sarah Smith Tea Towel, pink silicone pastry brush, Suzy Spoon, melamine cup, some Minky cloths made from recycled yarn and of course an extra treat, some organic chocolate...yummy. I found it very hard letting go of this package, I really wanted to keep it all. Wish I'd bought two sets of those cute cutters!

Here's some of my recent felt creations.......a 'W' for Willow, I was told to make it in any colour/s I thought best, so I made it in this soft lemon with green shades, with a fabric covered birdie button.

Here is a Heart AND Star name banner made for Poppy in pinks and reds, I loved combining the hearts and stars together in one banner....
Then I made a padded letter garland for Millie, in pretty pinks and purples with cute buttons and ribbons.....

Still leaving time to make this colourful cupcake Happy Birthday Banner......
 for 2 little sisters with matching name banners too.
 I'm working on a few more name banner orders at the moment, including one 'Uno' style banner!
Phew, now I remember what I've been doing. Hope you've been having fun too.


The English Writer said...

You filled the holiday well though! Great stuff. Love the pink kitchen bits, could do with those rubber gloves in our house! have a great day, Karen x

Natasha said...

Jealous, as always of your swaps!
Loving your work as ever. (I have a good idea for a banner but will tell you next week)
A was sick outside Bridgewater this!

CraftyHelen said...

Loving the cupcake garland! I'm also hosting a Fabric Addict Swap - can I tempt you to join us? xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohh sounds like a busy fun holiday.
Your swap goodies look so fab & I'm loving the new goodies.