Friday, 30 April 2010

highs and lows...

Highs this week have been: a trip to London to help friend spend (her) money on gorgeous new stock for her home wares line, playing air guitar and drums at 7am with 6 year old daughter to The Kings of Leon ('Your socks are on fire' - alternative wording suitable for a 6 and 3 year old) blasting from the radio, enjoying a wonderful Cake Break in aid of MS at Mrs Candy's beautiful home, making this caravan of love picture for a special friend, scoffing a totally yummy Chinese takeaway provided by Mr, having fun making lots of goodies and organising little one's birdie party and winning these gorgeous cards from 
the talented Button Patch. Aren't I lucky?!

Lows: little one desperately needing a wee midway to school this morning and refusing to go on the grass! Then eldest falling over dramatically, scraping both knees and hands and trickling blood down her legs in the rush to get to school for little one to use the facilities!!! Those facilities were well utilised this morning!!
All in all not a bad week though, only set to get better as 2 little girls will be deposited at Nana & Gaga's for the weekend straight from school.........
hope you all have a lovely weekend.


winnibriggs said...

O the ups and downs of family and life. Its a good job the ups outweighed the downs and now a 'me-time' weekend that should do the trick
Have a good one

JuicyFig said...

less speed, more haste!
(not sure what that means, but my mother always quotes it to me, so it must be very wise!)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Mr. Spoqui said...
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Isla B Baby said...

love the caravan thats gorgeous! hope you have a chilled weekend x