Monday, 23 November 2009

Busy season........

I had my 2nd Christmas fair of the season last Friday. Here's a shot of my wee stall. I wanted a more festive table for the Christmas season so opted for a bright red table cloth, mini tree and some little LED lights. Unfortunately some little hands broke my newly (painstakingly) stitched heartfelthandmade garland so will have to fix that before it's next outing and maybe a repositioning could be in order too! Luckily I have a poster coming from Vista Print this week as a back-up plan!

My next BIG fair is wemake christmas at Chelsea Town Hall on Sat 5 Dec 11am. My lovely friend Becky, from Isla B baby, is coming to help me on the day as we are travelling by train and I'm trying desperately hard to work out how to add height to my stall without having to lug big boxes with us on the train, perhaps folding boxes are the way forward and a big suitcase! Nevertheless, I'm hugely looking forward to it.

Before that though I have a little table at a local toddler group this Thursday with some of the More Than A mama team, this should be fun. I shall also be updating the More Than a Mama blog this week with pics from all the stalls at last friday's fair, such a hot bed of talent and there's so many more talented mamas waiting in the wings for stalls that we feel really overwhelmed by all the clever locals!

I have Maddie's 6th birthday party on Saturday too so somewhere during the week I need to rush out and buy some essential bits and bobs for the Fashion Make-over Party!!

I haven't forgotten about those Christmas orders from my lovely customers.....I'm steadily working my way through them in plenty of time for Christmas!

Anyway, enough rambling about what I'm going to be doing, I must just 'button it' and get on with my to do list!


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lucy said...

The store looks amazing and the garland is fab. Lucy x (Munyip Makes)