Friday, 9 October 2009

....parties parties parties

Party season is just getting started, the girl's have a bowling party to go to tomorrow and then it's parties nearly every weekend from now until Christmas. Not to mention a halloween party I'm throwing for the kids and their pals AND Maddie's 6th Bday party (can't believe she'll be 6).

I handed over an order for some girly party bag favours yesterday......these personalised cupcake hairclip holders were just right for a young lady celebrating her 11th birthday.

I also managed to list them in my shops (etsy and folksy) yesterday and received an order for 5 of them this morning! Yay! makes me smile :o)

Not only that but my lovely customer blogged about them too.....check out her blog and her beautiful handcrafted jewellery too.

I've also made a mini 'travel' version of these hairclip holders for Maddie's party favours, I'm a bit ahead of myself for a change as her party is not until the end of Nov but with 4 fairs planned for the festive season I need to get my act together, nevermind the mountain of paperwork waiting for me......... I will post pics of the mini/travel version soon, just waiting for my split rings to arrive to add to them....

Bye-bye for now,


Rene Louise said...

These are so adorable...luv them!!

the cookie cutter said...

perfect, as usual. You have such amazing ideas! luv Nadine x

poppyart said...

you are so busy! i have just succumbed to the halloween party for the boys, too. i waited in the hope of a buddy hosting... but alas. (to be honest, i am secretly looking forward to it!)

I am leading a gruffalo walk at ashridge on 25 oct too, let me know if your family would like to join us... 13 families so far, a nct/friend gathering.


BeadyPool said...

Nooooo don't tempt me with mini travel ones as well :)
Am so looking forward to recieving them and giving them as gifts - thank you Vxx