Wednesday, 2 September 2009

swap catch up

Over the summer I've been involved in a few crafty swaps, a couple of private swaps with my pals over on flickr and one with a group of crafters called the handmade co. again on flickr/swap-bot.
My 2 assigned swapees for the handmade co. were sent these red and white offerings for our latest colour themed swap.
There are 3 FQ's, a sheet of felt and a smaller fabric piece red with little white flowers, ribbons, sequins, buttons, paper flowers, dotty cake cases, a nice big bar of chocolate (they are lucky the choc made it into the packages without me scoffing them first!) and 2 little handmade items, a white gingerbread man, maybe a shortcake man and a mushroom/cupcake - I'm not sure which it looks more like, but either of those will do! Obviously I'm really looking forward to receiving a couple of gorgeous red and white parcels too, I will be sure to post pics. In fact here's one of them, from Carla Delgado, isn't it gorgeous, with a beautifully scented pillow for putting in my fabric drawer.
And here is my second parcel received from Finland, thank you memmu :o)

I also had a private swap with a flickr friend, she asked for a name garland for her beautiful baby boy and in return she would send me a stash of sewing supplies..... well, here is the package I sent.....

....I added a little 'a' for my friend and a wee little dino hanging decoration for the nursery. Well now, take a look at the huge booty I received in return.... eyes nearly popped out of my head. A huge bundle of gorgeous fabrics and felts, plus some yummy ribbons, buttons, sequins, gorgeous necklaces for my 2 girls and sweets AND a lovely flower brooch for me...........I only wish I had sent dear Angela more!!! This swapping malarky is soooooo much fun, I can tell ya. I have sent another swap too to another flickr friend (I know, I have 4 of them!) and will post pics as soon as I've received the booty. Happy swapping!


Pomona said...

I love those red and white swaps - and the one you received is gorgeous, too - swapping is obviously a good thing to do!

Pomona x

hello gorgeous said...

that DOES sound like a lot of fun, and the swaps are fabulous, love the red/white combo very eye-catching - I love the other swap too, haha! ;o)