Sunday, 27 September 2009

I'm back!

My stall

I've been underground for a bit, busy sewing and preparing for the lastest More Than A Mama fayre last Thurs. We had a great turn out and I sold out of my hairclip holders, I just wish I'd made more than the 14 I had made! There were lots of wonderful stalls there, unfortunately I was placed next to the handmade chocolates and almost opposite the handmade cupcakes........ I bet you can guess what my diet consisted of that day!

Sleepy Monsters

I made a variation of my Toothy Monsters.....The Sleepy Monster! At my last couple of fairs a few people bought a Tooth Fairy Monster to use for the Sleep Fairy instead, trying to encourage their little ones to sleep through the night (or at least remain in their rooms!). So, instead of a pocket eye for the tooth, the Sleepy Monster has a pocket mouth for a treat from the Sleep Fairy.
I could really do with trying this out on my youngest. I can count on 2 hands the number of nights she has slept by herself in her own room since she was born!

Toothy Monsters

My one eyed pet creature keyrings were out in force too!

I've had a little burst of Christmas energy too and made a few little cottages to add to my festive creations.

Now, I will be getting on with the orders I had put on hold in order to sew, sew, sew like a mad woman in time for the fair. Thank you lovely customers for being so patient. Outstanding orders will go out this week.

Bye for now,



hello gorgeous said...

Hey Marie, sounds like you had a fab but busy time especially when it came to choices of either chocolates or cupcakes! ;o)) Not sure I would have been able to cope! ;O

Sleepy Monster is a fab idea, could have done with that 17 years ago! Haha!

Take care xxx

Pomona said...

What lovely things you have made - no wonder you did well!

Pomona x

Rene Louise said...

Your display is gorgeous!! It really pulls you in. I love seing beautiful craft displays, it really inspires me!! Keep up the good work!

sallyboyle said...

your chrissie decorations are gr8! so far removed from the plasticky non-festive mass market stuff...