Monday, 11 May 2009

Starry Hearts

Hi all, I've been going all starry heart-like recently, here is another red, white and blue version. I really love these colours, they work so well together and it may even have inspired me to make something else..... to be revealed another day (when I've got round to it on the inspiration and ideas list!).
Last week was pretty busy as it was my darling Georgie's 3rd birthday, so it was a party 'panic' week. I have lots of great ideas months before the event and then I try and cram in all the organising all on the night before the party! Just like my homework when I was at school! Georgie's favourite colour has always been blue but pink is edging it's way in there too and our Georgie is slowly embracing her more girlie side. I made this blue and pink hearts banner as a little birthday pressie.

Now, in amongst the party preps I also made this pretty pink and white hearts banner for Elina Mae, very pretty in pink.

Finally, I made a couple of sweet pastel heart banners for twin girls. I'm liking these subtle shades together.
Next I will be making a girlie Star banner for my friend's new baby and also, Maddie, has asked me to make her a rainbow version of the hearts banner. I will post details when these have been completed, I will add them to the list!!
More exciting news....... to be revealed soon, but I'm working on another blog along with lots of other new exciting developments, so keep reading!
Have a great week xoxo


louise35flower said...

I can't believe she's 3! Happy Birthday Georgie!

HeartfeltHandmade said...

ahh, thank you! :)**

jqlinesocuteithurts said...

Yipee, so happy to find your lovely cozy blog! I too adore those lovely red, white and blue version! Your work is soo beautiful! And happy birthday again to lovely Georgie! Have a lovely merry happy day!

Janttu said...

you have lovely blog. everything is so beautiful