Friday, 29 May 2009

New Tooth Monsters

Hi there, phew, I've been a bit pre-occupied recently with the More Than a Mama blog and have neglected my Heartfelt blog for far too long :o( .
So I thought I would come back and show you my latest tooth fairy pillow monsters. They have pocket eyes to place the tooth inside (and the cash too) and are made from felt with fabric on the reverse. Inspired by my 5 year old's wobbly tooth, I am making a set of them for the forthcoming fayre on 12th June, I shall be sewing my littles socks off from now until then, you may not see me for a while, I will be buried under a pile of felt!
See you soon!


Colourart said...

Very cute and useful too! My 7 year old would have found that very handy, he's lost about 7 teeth now.
I have awarded your blog the "honest scrap award" to view the award please visit my blog

HeartfeltHandmade said...

thanks so much Colourart - I'm heading over to your blog straight away! :o)