Thursday, 12 March 2009

computers and cookies

Hi there. I'm having withdrawal symptoms again! This time I have internet connection but our monitor has died and we are using a spare tv screen instead, which makes for much blurriness! So, I'm unable to upload any pics of my new makes as I can't tell if they are blurry or if it's just our temporary monitor making them so! Instead I would like to bring your attention to an amazing artist. Last week at school my eldest, Maddie, had a dress up day on National (or was it World) Book Day. She chose to dress as one of the ballerinas from a cute book of hers and looked adorable. The wonderful Natasha (aka neviepiecakes ) made special book related cookies for the class and they were incredible. Now, regular readers will know I do mention Natasha quite a bit but this time she even outdid herself, take a look at these cookies, yes these are cookies believe it or not!!!! Amazing work indeed. Thanks Natasha x


Grumpy said...

Those are impressive cookies. I spent several minutes staring, pretty much in disbelief.. :)

HeartfeltHandmade said...

I know Grumpy! Aren't they incredible.....that is one lucky bunch of 5 year olds! :o)

Michelle McGee said...

Those are cookies??? Amazing!