Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Will you just look at the goodies that have been arriving at my house this week! I have joined a small swap group on flickr called the Handmade co. and our first swap is a blue swap. You send out an identical or similar packages out to your 2 assigned partners and you receive 2 very lovely yummy packages from 2 other group members. The lovely Mila is hosting this group and is doing a wonderful job of keeping it small and sweet!
Anyway, this first package arrived from Portugal from Rosa and contained some wonderful fabrics, a handmade apron, ribbons, buttons, CHOCOLATE!, a cute Hello Kitty tin (which has been swiped by my 5 year old who has been taking it to school all week kept safely hidden in her pocket!), not to mention the beautiful vintage postcard....such a wonderful parcel, it made me yelp with glee!

Then today I had another lovely parcel arrive, this time from Israel, from Orit . I'm feeling very spoilt! More cute fabrics, lovely vintage buttons, a fab handmade pincushion attached to a new pair of scissors that I really need (I was going to buy some this week!). The felt washing line is now in my utility room, where I do all my washing, I stuck it to a door and I love it!! Thanks to you both Orit & Rosa xoxo

I sent my packages out too......wrapped up little blue parcels to Wendy
and Sandra Sandra and what did I send...........

A little stash each of powder blue polka dot fabric, a sheet of polka dot felt, a small selection of ribbons, buttons, beads and sequins, some gorgeous heart pins and my handmade items, an initial heart for each of them and a flower brooch (not shown). I hope they like them. It's such a lovely group and I'm looking forward to the next fave.


Thinkoutsidethebox2008 said...

OMG..I would have been over the moon with excitement to receive any of the items you sent out...Those personalized initial hearts are so special and amazing...You really outdid yourself..and I am certain each of these ladies will be thrilled! I would so be your swap partner any day!!

HeartfeltHandmade said...

Ah, thanks Rachel :oD
You would be a brilliant swap partner, I'm loving all your new easter creations, gorgeous! xx