Monday, 12 January 2009

Shining Stars

As promised here are some (blurry) photos of the latest party favours I've been making. A set of red sequinned hairclips for my friend's little girl who will be 5 in a couple of days, hurrah!
I started making them, thinking I had plenty of sequins, but ended up using them all up and being unable to find any more! So, the final four were made using different red sequins. I had thought the first set I made were more sophisticated and subtle but once I'd made one using the other brighter, brasher, louder cupped sequins I decided I liked them best. I guess I'm just not subtle.....bring on the colour! The blue one I made for Georgie, my youngest. She won't be going to the party as it is strictly for big girls and quite rightly so! This blue one is so she doesn't feel left out, although I'm sure she'd have been happy with some chocolate buttons!! Lol.

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