Monday, 1 December 2008

Competition entry.....feeling nervous!

Recently I was invited to join a flickr group called 'Folksy Angels'. The aim of the game was to make a seasonal decoration using just old bit's'n'bobs from the recycling bin and scraps you may have lying around, but definitely no new materials were to be used.

Well, I 'ummed' and 'ahh'd' about it for ages, with little or no inspiration, until I went shopping a week ago today for new light bulbs!

Over the past week I have been assembling this little house, layering the glitter (and the glue) on thick. Here is what I used:

An old cardboard box (that had contained old light bulbs), painted with leftover paint (originally used on a wall in my kitchen - you can see it in the background of some of my flickr photos), stripy fabric leftover from a different project (a notice board), felt scraps (I have bags of these - which normally end up being sent to my daughter’s school for collaging), a bit of old grey ribbon that’s been hanging around forever, some beads from my little girl’s broken necklace (one of many sitting in a box waiting to be threaded back together again), the stripy card on the sides and roof front is cut from a torn gift bag that I had kept because it was still too pretty to bin, the knocker on the door is a ring from a broken bracelet, all yarn used was from scrap, lots of glue and double sided sticky tape, a blue vintage button from my button collection and last but not least, I raided my girls’ craft box and used a tonne of glitter glue and extra silver glitter…… I shall be finding glitter all over the place for weeks to come!

The guys at Folksy extended the entry date by 24 hours and I just decided a couple of hours ago to go for it....why not....what's the worst that could happen? So I quickly set the scene with a pile of craft filler (as snow), a pink fluffy boa from the girls' dressing up box and my favourite powder blue polka dot fabric as a 'snowy' backdrop. I almost lost my nerve and binned it on many occasions throughout the week, especially after seeing lost-in-the-forest’s enchanting little houses.....they are so lovely compared to my gaudy, girlie glitter explosion.

Take a look at all the entries at
Voting begins tomorrow me thinks on .....good luck everyone (I think the only way for me to win is if everyone else drops out! Hey, at least it was fun to make and my girls like it, Maddie can't wait for her Polly Pockets to move into their holiday home! ).

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