Thursday, 9 October 2008

New to this.....

Hello there, I confess that this is my very first blog entry on my blogspot, although some of you may have been following my blog on my own site Well, the aim is to eventually have just the one site...this one!
So, a bit about me, for those not in the know yet. Well, I'm a mum of 2 little girls, Georgie (2) and Maddie (nearly 5). Since having the girls I have devoted pretty much all of my time to them until I rediscovered the delights of crafting! Since 2007, the girls' had an ever growing circle of friends and their siblings, searching for unique, heartfelt birthday gifts was turning into a bit of a chore, until I had a mini-brainwave (they don't occur too often). I decided to make something special for birthday pressies and started of by making a 'T' letter picture for a little boy named Thomas. I found that I really enjoyed the process and found it rather therapeutic. That year all my friends' children received handmade creations from me and have done ever since! At the beginning of this year I took the plunge and formed Heartfelt (a name suggested by a clever friend of mine, particularly as at the time I had been making lots of felt hearts for Valentines). I now have shops on,,, and I love my crafty life and it's opened up a whole new world to me of clever crafty like-minded people. I try and choose handmade now when choosing gifts for friends and family and it makes a real difference to be able to give beautifully crafted gifts made with love, care and attention. Happy crafting!

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